The latest edition of the Geospatial book is only available for academic course tutors (only) without charge in special PDF electronic format (non-printable). Please provide details of the course and links to your personal College or University website page if this applies to your request by sending us an email with the information here. For free online access to the full text of the book and associated resources, even if you are not a course tutor, please see below:

The full text of the Geospatial Analysis book is available here: Online. Please see the Resources page for more resources etc. and the Statistical Analysis website (StatsRef) for Stats-based materials. Professionals and Students will find the full text online or they can order their own copy in electronic or printed format should they so wish. See this page for details: Ordering

The paperback and hardcover printed version of the 6th edition and the Statsref Handbook are now available from Amazon. The Geospatial Book is available here: Geospatial Analysis book and the Stats book here: Statistics Handbook - for colour images the web versions should be used.