"Towards Net Zero" examines the past, present and future of two of the major contributors to energy consumption and global greenhouse gas emissions: transport and the built environment.

A Free online copy of "Towards Net Zero" is provided: here and a printable PDF extract of the full text is provided here.

The text of "Towards Net Zero" has been arranged into two distinct but closely related "Books", each of which is preceded by Timeline diagrams. Book One is sub-titled “A Geospatial and Historical Perspective: How Did We Get Here?”. This first Book provides a review and commentary on the history of selected major innovations in transport and the built environment. Particular focus is provided on the development of manned flight, marking the centenary of the first Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Global prize-winning flights in 1919/20. Book Two is sub-titled “An Economic and Environmental Perspective: Where are We Heading?”. This second Book focuses on recent technological developments, possible solutions to some of the key environmental issues, and their likely impact over the coming decades.

Available online (free, full colour, web-based, Books One and Two) and as an ebook (full colour, special PDF) and as a printed paperback book (via Amazon, hardback, full colour). Please see here: Ordering for more details/ordering printed and ebook versions of the complete book

Hydrogen for Heat Project
Image: from Arup’s "Hydrogen for Heat" Project