"Christmas has arrived early this year! When I went into the Department this morning I found a copy of your splendid new 'Geospatial Analysis' in my pigeon hole! It looks a magnificent handbook for all those working in this field: how I wish I'd had something like this to hand when I was struggling with 'Locational analysis...' more than forty years ago." Emeritus Prof Peter Haggett, University of Bristol, UK

"Written in an engaging and accessible manner, this book does a marvelous job of balancing its coverage on principles, techniques, and software tools for spatial analysis. ... It is truly a tour de force of geospatial analysis and is likely to become a classic ...I would highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about the latest developments in geospatial analysis and modeling." Prof D Z Sui, Review in: Annals, Association of American Geographers, April 2009

"A superb resource for educators in GISc/spatial analysis. Many congratulations!" Prof David Unwin, Emeritus Professor, University of London, and World Universities Network

"I want to thank you and your colleagues for producing a book with more detail than I have yet to encounter in any Spatial Analysis reference. Especially, one that incorporates so much information about what can be accomplished with the vast array of software available to date. ... I find the book indispensable" William Meyer, Natural Resource Specialist/GIS, ERDC/CERL

"Thanks very much for sharing this valuable book with me! It is a seminal work that serves both instructions and research in comprehending the scope and core of geospatial analysis techniques. I have been using the 'ESRI Guide to GIS Analysis vol.1' for teaching an applied Geospatial analysis course. Your book definitely has more depth in characterizing functions and operations, and they are well-organized." Guoray Cai, Director, Spatial Information and Intelligence Laboratory, PennState University, USA

"Your wonderful website was announced on the email groupopenspace@sal.uiuc.edu, which I read at work at the Census Bureau. I enjoy keeping up with geographic research techniques, even when I don't have occasion to use them often at work."
Charles Dingman, US Census, USA

I find your book one of the best that has been published recently: what I liked most is the practical spirit - based on sound scientific foundations - that the reader can absorb and put in practice. Congratulations indeed!
Paolo Paron, FAO Somalia, Nairobi, Kenya

"Congratulations. This is a wonderful effort."
Prof Solly Angel, New York University , USA

"This is a wonderful book for advanced users. I found the Chapter 2 Conceptual Framework very helpful in my own research."
Prof R LeGates, Professor of Urban Studies, San Francisco State University

"An excellent book that addresses many of the questions raised by students and lecturers about spatial analysis in one location with a range of delivery that suits all pockets, from the e-book, to hopefully a hardback version for library use (now available). A good range of links and good example data sets used to explain the concepts"
Dr Andrew Skellern, GIS Course Director, Bath Spa University, UK

"Thank you for sending me valuable info. This site is wonderful!!"
Prof Atsu Okabe , Department of Urban Engineering, University of Tokyo and Director, Center for Spatial Information Science, University of Tokyo, Japan

"Congratulations on the publication of Geospatial Analysis which I am looking forward to reading and using. I offer four undergraduate and four postgraduate GIS modules at UCD. I look forward to integrating your new book in these modules."
Dr. Mairtin Mac Siurtain ,School of Biology and Environmental Science College of Life Sciences, University College Dublin, Ireland

"What I have read about 'Geospatial Analysis - A Comprehensive Guide to Principles, Techniques and Software Tools' sound very promising. I would like to use it partially in a GIS course I am teaching next semester."
Dr Florian Probst , Institute for Geoinformatics , University of Munster, Germany

"I am asking my secretary to order a print copy and look forward to both it and the PDF version. I also will explore with you options for using the text in an academic setting ... I think it would fit well with my "Geospatial Data Processing Techniques in Natural Resources Management."
Prof Daniel Civco , Professor of Geomatics and Director Natural Resources Management and Engineering Center for Land use Education and Research, University of Connecticut, USA

"The first edition of 'Geospatial Analysis: A comprehensive guide to principles, techniques, and software tools' was a landmark publication in GIScience. The second edition with updated sections and new additions tied to the UCGIS Body of Knowledge is expected to make a cannonball-size splash in the geospatial literature pool. Web and e-book versions should be well-received and increase the availability of this important volume. The first edition was found on every library shelf, but the second edition will find its way to millions of desktops, laptops and handhelds."
Prof Marguerite Madden, Director, Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Science (CRMS), University of Georgia

"I have studied your book in great detail and have decided to convert one of my regular taught MSc modules so as to map onto it direct [to be renamed "Geospatial Analysis"]. I would be interested in obtaining multiple copies of the book in digital format for next year's MSc intake of around 25-30."
Dr Bob Abrahart, University of Nottingham, UK