The Geospatial Analysis book and web site contain a large number of examples of software tools, including R-based tools listed in the Resources section of the online ebook. The following is a list of many of those mentioned in the text and/or recommended by users. For higher performance we recommend the use of specialist tools and/or high performance compiled programming languages (e.g. C++, MatLab, Python) and/or web-based services that provide processing for very large datasets (e.g. from ESRI, Microsoft, IBM and others)

NOTE: Some of the older software packages and projects have ceased to be available in recent years. In addition, some of the links shown below are http rather than https links, reflecting some less-maintained/older services and software.

Product name Product type Free? Website
ade4 Mathematical/Statistical library Y
AltaMap suite (now Descartes) Telecoms/visibility analysis++ N
ANN Mathematical/Statistical library Y
ANUDEM (and other GIS software from the ANU) Terrain analysis N
AnyLogic Geosimulation N
ArcExplorer (now re-directed to ArcGIS Field Maps) Viewer Y
ArcGIS Pro Toolboxes GIS N
ArcLogistics (ArcGIS Network Analyst) Logistics N
AutoCAD Civil 3D Visualisation (2D and 3D) N
Bentley Microstation Geographics GIS N
Boundaryseer Specialised data analysis N
CadnaA Noise mapping N
Calpuff View Emergency and Hazard Assessment N
Cartomap Viewer Y
Clusterseer Cluster analysis N
Coordinate Calculator Specialised mapping Y
Crimestat IV Crime analysis Y
Cube Traffic simulation and forecasting N
DEPTHMAP Telecommunications/visibility analysis Y
Didger (retired) Specialised mapping N
DYNAMEQ Traffic simulation and forecasting N
EMME Traffic simulation and forecasting N
ENVI Remote sensing analysis N
EOS Landviewer Web based interactive map viewer Y/N
ER Mapper Specialised mapping N
ERDAS Imagine (now Hexagon Geospatial) GIS N
eRouteLogistics Logistics N
Farsite Emergency and Hazard Assessment Y
FDO GIS tools Y
Feature Analyst Terrain analysis N
FloodWorks and related software Hydrological analysis N
FME Specialised mapping N
Fractal terrains Specialised mapping N
Fragstats Landscape analysis Y
Global Optimization Toolbox (MATLab) Optimization algorithms N
GAM/K Cluster analysis Y no longer available
GDAL GIS tools Y
GenaMap/Evac Evacuation mapping N
GeoDa Exploratory data analysis (EDA/ESDA) Y
GeoExpress Image handling N
Geographic Calculator GIS tools N
Geographically weighted regression (GWR) Statistical analysis N
Geomatica/Catalyst GIS N
Geomedia and Erdas (now Hexagon) GIS N
Geoplot Specialised mapping N
GeoVista Software Exploratory data analysis (EDA/ESDA) Y
GMT GIS tools Y
Grapher Graphing N
GRASP Specialised data analysis Y
Groundwater Modeling System (GMS) Hydrological analysis N
GS+ Geostatistical analysis N No longer available
Hawth's Tools GIS tools Y Website appears to have been hijacked
ICS Telecom Telecommunications/visibility analysis N
Idrisi GIS N
ILOG CPLEX Optimisation (Y)
IMMI Noise and air pollution N
InfoWorks Hydrological analysis N
Instant Atlas Specilaised mapping N
ISATIS Geostatistical analysis N
Landscape Fragmentation Tool (LFT) and MSPA Landscape analysis Y and
Landserf Terrain analysis Y
LEDA Optimisation N
LIDAR Analyst Terrain analysis N
LINDO Optimisation N
LP-Solve Optimisation Y
Manifold/Radian GIS N
Map Comparison Kit Spatio-temporal analysis Y
MapGuide GIS Y
MapInfo GIS N
Mapoing Solutions Specialised mapping N
MAPresso Specialised mapping applet Y No longer developed
Mapserver Specialised mapping Y
Maptext/Label EZ Specialised mapping N
Maptitude (Caliper) GIS N
Maptools GIS tools
MAPublisher Specialised mapping (Y)
MASON Geosimulation Y
MATLab plus toolboxes Mathematical/Statistical library N
MATSim Geosimulation Y
Mondrian Visualisation (2D and 3D) Y
Natureserve Vista Emergency and Hazard Assessment N
NetLogo Geosimulation Y
NOISEMAP Noise mapping
Open Layers Specialised mapping Y
OpenMap GIS tools Y
Oriana Directional analysis N
OSSIM Image handling Y
PASSaGE Specialised data analysis Y
PCRaster GIS Y
PySal Python Spatial Analysis Library Y
R Spatial Mathematical/Statistical library Y
R2V GIS tools N
REACT Logistics N
Repast Simphony Geosimulation Y
RiverTools Hydrological analysis N
RoadEng Specialised mapping N
ROOKCASE Sawada's Spatial Corrleation Excel add-in N ROOKCASE.xla
RouteSmart Logistics N
SAM Statistical analysis Y
SANET Network analysis Y
SaTScan Cluster analysis Y
Smallworld GIS N
SOM Toolbox Neural networks Y and
SpaceStat Statistical analysis N
Spatial Manager GIS/mapping package N
spdep Mathematical/Statistical library Y
SPLANCS Statistical analysis Y
SPSS (IBM) Statistical analysis N
StarLogo Geosimulation Y
STATA/IC Statistical analysis N
Surfacewater Modeling System (SMS) Hydrological analysis N
Surfer Graphing N
Surfit Specialised mapping Y
SWARM Geosimulation Y
Synchro Studio Traffic simulation and forecasting N
TAP Telecoms/visibility analysis N
TAS (Whitebox) Terrain analysis Y
TatukGIS GIS tools N
TatukGIS Editor/Viewer Viewer Y
TAUDEM Terrain analysis Y
TDHGIS Vector based Spatial Analysis Y
TransCAD Network analysis N
TransModeller Traffic simulation and forecasting N
Truckstops Logistics N
TSIS-CORSIM Traffic simulation and forecasting N
uDig GIS Y
UrbanSim Geosimulation Y
Vincenty GIS tools Y
Virtual Terrain Project Visualisation (2D and 3D) Y
VISUM Traffic simulation and forecasting N
Watershed Modeling System (WMS) Hydrological analysis N
What's Best Optimisation N
WinBUGS/GeoBUGS Statistical analysis Y
WindNinja Specialised mapping Y
WindWizard Specialised mapping (Y)
Xpress-MP Optimisation (Y)

Marine GIS Tools:

GIS Tools from Federal University of Pelotas, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil: