Spatial data, test data and spatial information sources

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Spatial data, test data and spatial information sources

Selected national and international data and information sources

Collins Bartholomew – commercial map datasets for UK, Europe and World, in MapInfo or ESRI SHP formats:

GB Ordnance Survey:

EDINA — Repository of UK Digital Mapping data and related resources (academic access):

Eurostat – European statistics data library and mapping service:

MAGIC — Repository of UK Environmental and related data:

NAVTEQ – Road navigation datasets for over 70 countries:

OpenStreetMap (OSM) - Opensource street map data:

OVERTURE - Vector spatial map data (global, includes OSM data):

RAPIDEDITOR - OSM onlin editor:

United Nations data library (datasets by country on many variables and multiple time periods):

US Census Bureau:

US Geological Survey:

US National Spatial Data Infrastructure:

US one-stop geoportal:

World Bank:

Transport planning and analysis

US Transportation Research Board:

UK Transport Analysis Guidance (TAG):

Network analysis test datasets