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The following is a complete listing of the series known as CATMOG, or Concepts and Techniques in Modern Geography, which were published between 1975 and 1995. All these brief guides are out of print but most are available from as free PDF downloads.

1        Collins, Introduction to Markov chain analysis

2        Taylor, Distance decay in spatial interactions

3        Clark, Understanding canonical correlation analysis

4        Openshaw, Some theoretical and applied aspects of spatial interaction shopping models

5        Unwin, An introduction to trend surface analysis

6        Johnston, Classification in Geography

7        Goddard & Kirby, An introduction to factor analysis

8        Daultrey, Principle Components Analysis

9        Davidson, Causal inferences from dichotomous variables

10        Wrigley, Introduction to the use of logit models in geography

11        Hay, Linear programming: elementary geographical applications of the transportation problem

12        Thomas, An introduction to quadrat analysis (2nd ed.)

13        Thrift, An introduction to time geography

14        Tinkler, An introduction to graph theoretical methods in geography

15        Ferguson, Linear regression in geography

16        Wrigley, Probability surface mapping. An introduction with examples and FORTRAN programs

17        Dixon and Leach, Sampling methods for geographical research

18        Dixon and Leach, Questionnaires and interviews in geographical research

19        Gardiner and Gardiner, Analysis of frequency distribution

20        Silk, Analysis of covariance and comparison of regression lines

21        Todd, An introduction to the use of simultaneous-equation regression analysis in geography

22        Pong-wai Lai, Transfer function modeling: relationship between time series variables

23        Richards, Stochastic processes in one dimensional series: an introduction

24        Killen, Linear programming: the Simplex method with geographical applications

25        Gaile and Burt, Directional statistics

26        Rich, Potential models in human geography

27        Pringle, Causal modeling: the Simon-Blalock approach

28        Bennett, Statistical forecasting

29        Dewdney, The British census

30        Silk, The analysis of variance

31        Thomas, Information statistics in geography

32        Kellerman, Centrographic measures in geography

33        Haynes, An introduction to dimensional analysis for geographers

34        Beaumont and Gatrell, An introduction to Q-analysis

35        Clark, The agricultural census — United Kingdom and United States

36        Aplin, Order-neighbor analysis

37        Johnston and Semple, Classification using information statistics

38        Openshaw, The modifiable areal unit problem

39        Dixon and Leach, Survey research in underdeveloped countries

40        Clark, Innovation diffusion: contemporary geographical approaches

41        Kirby, Choice in field surveying

42        Pickles, An introduction to likelihood analysis

43        Dewdney, the UK census of population 1981

44        Pickles, Geography and humanism

45        Boots, Voronoi (Thiessen) polygons

46        Fotheringham and Knudsen, Goodness-of-fit statistics

47        Goodchild, Spatial autocorrelation

48        Tinkler, Introductory matrix algebra

49        Sibley, Spatial applications of exploratory data analysis

50        Coshall, The application of nonparametric statistical tests in geography

51        O'Brien, The statistical analysis of contigency table designs

52        Bracken, Higgs, Martin and Webster, A classification of geographical information systems

53        Beaumont, An introduction to market analysis

54        Jones, Multi-level models for geographical research

55        Moffat, Causal and Simulation Modeling Using System Dynamics

56        Martin, The UK census of population, 1991

57        Shen, Dynamic analysis of spatial population systems

58        Cook and Crang, Doing Ethnographies

59        Dorling, Area cartograms, their use and creation